Mark Maassen: Living in the District

Mark Maassen moved to Columbia in September 2015 after starting as the executive director of the Missouri Press Association, an organization that represents all of the interests of newspapers in the state of Missouri.

When he made that move, Maassen decided to try urban living and rented a flat in the new Lofts on Broadway. With a bird’s-eye view of downtown and a balcony seat to events like 9th Street Summerfest, Maassen said he is enjoying his new home.

Maassen shared what he likes most about his unique living style in Columbia:

I am originally from central Missouri, and I went to school here, graduating from the J-School. Doug Crews, the longtime executive director of Missouri Press Association retired and I was hired to follow Doug. It was like my life was coming full circle. Previously, I lived and worked in Kansas City.

I have lived downtown since Sept. 1, last year. I think downtown Columbia is a vibrant, exciting place and I wanted to be a part of that. I can park my car, and then walk to and from work. I go for a week without getting in my car. I can reach any downtown restaurant or hot spot with less than a 10 minute walk, and while I am taking that walk I see so many other things that are going on that grab my attention.

I like that my apartment is in the center of downtown. Also, it is new. I also like the fact that it caters to professionals more — no undergrads live in my building.

I get my urban fix by living in downtown Columbia.  I still own my house in Kansas City, with its yard and trees. So, if I want to feel like a home owner, I go there on occasional weekends. But, living in downtown Columbia gives me a feeling of freedom.  There is so much to see and do, just outside my door.