Craft Beer: The New Agriculture

With St. Louis serving as home to Anheuser-Busch for well over a century, beer has long been the adult beverage of choice in Missouri.

Even the king of beers had humble beginnings with the Bavarian Brewery in a time when most beer was sold in the same community in which it was brewed. Although Budweiser has now grown well beyond those roots, the tradition of beer brewed by local craftsmen sold in their own backyard has become reinvigorated in recent years.

According to the Brewers Association, there were 43 craft breweries in Missouri in 2011 — a number that had jumped to 71 by 2015.

Columbia — which plays host to the Missouri Beer Festival each April — is doing its fair share to quench that thirst, with five local breweries pouring out pints of artisanal ales, lagers and stout to eager customers.

Logboat Brewing Co.

504 Fay St., 573-397-6786

Founded in 2013, Logboat’s taproom features four year-round brews as well as a selection of seasonal offerings.

Broadway Brewery

816 E. Broadway, 573-443-5054

Founded in 2013, Broadway Brewery boasts a dozen beers on tap and a menu of seasonal, locally-sourced dishes.

Flat Branch Pub and Brewing

115 E. Fifth St., 573-449-0400

Opened in 1994, Flat Branch was Columbia’s first brewery since 1841. Flat Branch offers a dozen beers on tap and a seasonal menu of pub food and brick oven pizzas.

Bur Oak Brewing Co.

8250 Trade Center Dr., 573-814-2178

Opened in 2014, Bur Oak’s tasting room is open on Fridays and Saturdays, featuring three year-round offerings and a selection of limited releases.

Rock Bridge Brewing Co.

1330 Prathersville Rd., 573-441-2337

Founded in 2012, Rock Bridge Brewing was Columbia’s first production brewery and its ever-changing seasonal and regular offerings are available at restaurants, bars and grocery and liquor stores statewide.