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Welcome to The Move — a relocation and lifestyle magazine based in Columbia, MO.

Whether you are new to Columbia or relocating across town, The Move is dedicated to helping you discover more about living & and living well — in Columbia, MO.

You will learn about the people, places, events, and institutions that make Columbia uniquely appealing.

Whether your favorite way to spend a Friday night is singing along with your favorite band, creating something new to hang on your walls or attending a performance of “Chorus Line” there is no shortage of entertainment options here. The Columbia Art League provides opportunities to either appreciate or make art; venues like The Blue Note and Mizzou Arena bring in musicians ranging from local bands to big-name acts; a slew of local theater companies provide ample opportunities to take in a play or musical; there are laughs to be found at comedy shows at Déjà vu every weekend and Columbia is even home to the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. There are also big events like the Roots and Blues and Barbecue and the True/False and Citizen Jane film festivals. There’s always something going on in Columbia.

There are many things that make Columbia a great place to live — good schools, a steady economy, a strong health care community, plenty of opportunities for entertainment and recreation — but its best resource is the people behind those strengths. There are countless business professionals, community leaders, educators and creative talents whose personalities and work contribute to the community and atmosphere that are CoMo. Hear from a few of those local leaders about why they make Columbia their home.

Forbes named Columbia one of its top places to retire in 2015, and it’s easy to see why. The myriad of health care options, including a plethora of specialists in areas such as orthopedic, thoracic and geriatric care means the community is well suited to care for the Boomer generation. The city’s healthy real estate market includes a construction boom for retirement communities and assisted living facilities. Best of all, with recreation and entertainment options ranging from the Show-Me Senior Games to live theater means retirement in Columbia doesn’t have to mean staying home baking cookies for the grandchildren or playing checkers in the park (although those are options too).

Take a peek inside the unique living spaces Columbians call “home.”

The Columbia real estate market continues to grow. Single home sales were up 9 percent in 2015, with sales staying steady or going up in 10 out of 12 months. That holds true for both new construction and existing homes, with 1,907 existing family homes and 296 new homes selling in 2015. Some of the fastest growth has been in the senior living sector, with a number of companies adding on or building new assisted and independent living facilities. 

With major industries like health care, education, financial services, construction and manufacturing providing a healthy mix of large corporations and small businesses, Columbia’s economy is thriving.

Browse an interactive map and check out current info on Columbia resources.

Columbia and Boone County are home to 10,702 veterans and the community has a number of support services available to meet the needs of that population. In addition to the top-rated Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital, the city is home to a slew of VFW and American Legion groups and an emergency and transitional shelter for veterans that includes support services for veterans and their families. Columbia also shows its appreciation to those who have served through Central Missouri Honor Flight and the Memorial Day Salute to Veterans. 

With more than 3,200 acres of park and green space locations and recreation facilities — not to mention over 53 miles of trails — the City of Columbia has a plethora of options for individuals and families seeking to spend a little time outdoors. The city maintains 32 neighborhood parks, two regional parks, eight nature parks, 14 community parks and five special purpose parks. Amenities include two golf courses, an archery range, three disc golf courses, 10 garden plots available for rent, a skate park, three pools, two water play areas and a swimming lake. Whether you want to have a picnic, go fishing, play anything from soccer to roller hockey or simply take your kids to the playground, Columbia has what you’re looking for.

Whether you are a toddler with an ear infection, a senior in need of a hip replacement, a cancer patient undergoing treatment or anywhere in between, Columbia has a health care provider who can cure what ails you.

With the state’s flagship university, award-winning public schools and a slew of private options, education is one of the cornerstones of Columbia.